A Band Everyone Should Check Out: The Foxies

Photo by Noemi Gonzalez

Photo by Noemi Gonzalez

If you are a fan of The Maine or Joel Kanitz’s solo project Gorgeous War, you definitely have to check out The Foxies.

Originally starting as a full band from Phoenix, Ariz., under the label “8123,” the band is now just solo artist Julia Lauren Bullock. Bullock originally started her own music career just using her name back in 2014 when she released her EP “PillowTalk,” but the singer has been working on music since a young age and started her first band at the age of 13. Classified as “Indie Pop,” her Facebook fan page states that she is “an indie-pop artist who is bridging the gap between 80’s pop and indie-dance rock.”

While the project is just getting started, the first song released, “Floods,” definitely gives those 80’s vibes that Bullock was aiming for as a solo artist, as well as giving that alternative vibe that reminds a listener of bands like The Maine. I would also make the comparison to Marianas Trench’s latest album, “Astoria,” because of the similar 80’s feel.

Bullock’s song, “Reckless,” from her “PillowTalk” EP honestly sounds like it could be a part of this new project, letting listeners know that she is serious about the genre she wants to be in. This song and “Floods” are similar to songs by the band Mainland, in fact they honestly sound like they should be a part of a classic movie soundtrack.

Bullock is gearing up to release her six-track EP “Oblivion,” which includes the single “Floods”, in June as a first official release under The Foxies. “Floods” will have a music video premiering in May that many fans are anxious to see. As Bullock stated in her announcement of The Foxies transforming into a one-person act, “I have a bunch of content that I have been waiting A YEAR to release, So[sic] just a little bit longer and I will get that out to you all.”

For the latest updates on The Foxies, including upcoming shows and more on the Facebook page here.


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