Warped Tour: Not Just Music, But Making A Difference

Every year, Vans Warped Tour makes its way across America with over 80 bands in tow. These bands range from alternative, such as All Time Low, to heavy metal, such as Of Mice & Men (neither of which are in the lineup this year), as well as bands such as 3OH!3, We The Kings, and Yellowcard who are more widely known. With so many different sounds to hear, this music festival draws quite the crowd of both young and old. Warped Tour even offers a “Reverse Daycare” station for kids to “drop off” their parents for cooler air and colder drinks. Parents can even get into the festival for free with their child’s ticket. On their website vanswarpedtour.com, the festival offers a “Warped 101” page to help first time attendees, as well as returners, navigate the sunny summer days of Warped Tour. With all of the bands, it’s hard to imagine time for anything else at this festival.

Kia Forte Stage at Warped Tour 2013 Photo by Celia Whitcomb

Kia Forte Stage at Warped Tour 2013

Photo by Celia Whitcomb

Warped Tour works with 16 non-profits that set up booths for attendees to retreat to and do some good for others in the times between sets. Organizations such as Truth, PETA2, MusiCares, A Voice For The Innocent, Action For Animals, and many more set up stands. Not only do concert-goers enjoy great music, they also make a difference. Throughout the day, volunteers will walk around advocating their causes, stepping up to educate people about the social issues they may not be aware of. Attendees even have the opportunity of going backstage if they donate blood before the festival. Even the band members get involved, by pledging their advocacy to certain causes publically and encouraging their young fans to get involved and become educated about the world around them.

Warped Tour is an incredible day filled with music and also a day to make a difference. It is a music festival that educates and advocates for many different causes around the world. Not only do different types of music gather together but different types of people as well.

For a complete list of the tour dates and performers, go to http://vanswarpedtour.com.


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