Trump Advocates Banning Muslims from the U.S.

Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims from the United States. This would cause a huge problem. No one should be discriminated for their religion, or for what happened in the past.

He wants to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. completely and wants to put surveillances on Mosques.

Nihed Kassab ’17 is Muslim and originally from Tunisia situated in North Africa. She is worried about Trump being elected President. “I know that he is a business man but does he have the necessary background to run for presidency?” she asked. “All I see is him being famous on the TV.”

“As a person Trump is free to feel whatever he likes, but the thing is he should at least show respect to people,” Kassab continued. “I guess the world is fighting against race, class, gender, and religion discrimination, and unfortunately, Trump is the wrong person to represent a country that had been known for their freedom of diversity.”

Nihed Kassab '17 Photo provided by Taylor Sanford

Nihed Kassab ’17

Photo provided by Taylor Sanford


Kassab finds it funny and sad at the same time that he is trying to ban Muslims from the U.S. To her, it does not make any sense. “If you ban Muslims, not only is he banning Muslim people but he’s also banning Muslim countries, American Muslims, and he’s banning U.S. citizens,” she explained.

Kassab relates that her life at home is like any other American home: going to school, spending time with family, and hanging out with friends. She also explains that her religion shares many similarities with Christianity.

“Islam comes from the word Peace. Peace, sharing, love and respect,” she says. “We believe in one god, Allah, and in all the prophets, among whom, Mohammed and Jesus. Our holy book is the Quran and Muslims usually pray at least five times a day.”

She is very proud of being Muslim despite the discrimination that has happened in America towards herself and Muslims. She stated that she at times feels uncomfortable with what people say to her, but she will not let that affect her experience here in the States.

Kassab came to America last August at the beginning of the fall semester and claims that at Wilson College she feels safe, “but is not always the same case outside.”

“I do seriously fear sometimes when I walk in the street that someone would pull out a gun on me because I am a Muslim after all the false ideas people got about my religion. I hope they could learn more about what Islam is really,” Kassab stated.

America is considered to be a melting pot, a blend of cultures and races. Everyone should be treated equally but there are still people in this country who discriminate others. Sadly, Trump shows that side of America.


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