2016 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

"The Peacock" by Dana Kessler Photo by Taylor Sanford

“The Peacock” by Dana Kessler

Photo by Taylor Sanford

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is on display in the Bogigian Gallery in Lortz Hall. Current works will be on display until April 20.

All the artists that entered showcased their effort. Professor Philip Lindsey, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, says that an outside artist was the one who judged the students artwork.

Dana Kessler ‘19, one of the students who submitted to the exhibition, is very proud of her work. Her works “Peacock,” 2015, and “The Void,” 2016 are shown in the gallery.

“I wanted the school to see my artwork,” Kessler explained. “I find it important that people should share their talents.”

Students are free to express themselves through their art and the Gallery gives them the opportunity to show their talent.

The artwork that did not make it into the Gallery can be seen all over Lortz Hall.

Any questions regarding the exhibition can be directed to Professor Lindsey at philip.lindsey@wilson.edu.


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