New Semester, New Space for Student Media

After suffering from the confined space of the small, original “Billboard” room, we are now moving to a bigger, more open space: the area beside Sarah’s Coffee House!

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

While this may cause a fuss with students who used the computers there, our media-involved clubs have been needing this extra space since the clubs are expanding due to the influx of students on campus. With the cramped quarters, it has been hard for our groups to meet comfortably. So now we will have that area.

If you have been seeking to join “Billboard,” Yearbook, or “Bottom Shelf Review,” but feared the close confines, that is no longer a fear! We hope to see new students finding an interest in joining the clubs now that we have this bigger, spacious area.

With this new space, we also will have the extra resources with putting club contributions together, such as the “Billboard” issues. Before, there was a lot of waiting due to the fact we had so few computers with a large amount of students, but now that more have been added, it will make working in the clubs much more efficient.

If you are a resident in Mac/Dav and are worried about computers, have no fear! Computers should have now been transported to those dorms for student access.

This change may not affect the greater portion of those of you reading this, but for our media-related clubs, this is a huge deal! We hope that everyone can welcome this change, and understand the need we have for the new space.

Jenna Kauffman

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