BREAKING NEWS: Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Charges Pursued by Pennsylvania Court System

Once America’s beloved TV dad Bill Cosby is now being charged in Pennsylvania. After being released in 2004 on a $1 million bail for 3 counts of alleged aggravated indecent assault, Cosby arrived in Pennsylvania Wednesday Feb. 3.

He is facing criminal sexual assault charges for the first time. The Montgomery, PA Defense Attorney filed the past charges against Cosby within the 12-year stature of limitations, allowing this case to be pushed to court. This is interesting seeing that this case was just weeks away from exceeding the 12 years.

Andrea Constand, who was working at Temple University at the time, filed a civil suit against Cosby in March 2005 and resolved the matter with an undisclosed cash settlement in November 2006. As noted by people magazine, Judge Steven O’Neill stated, “What I think and what is provable in a courtroom are two different things. What I think is that Andrea Constand was inappropriately touched by Mr. Cosby.”

Even after these allegations, Cosby still denied Constand’s allegations saying that the interaction was consensual. Cosby also denied 50 other allegations from other women. As of today, the judge ruled against Cosby’s attorney to dismiss the case, and the trail will proceed.

Updates following the Cosby case will be posted.

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