Sometimes We Should Just Delay Moving On

I hate cancer.

I hate how everything seems fine one moment and then it is not the next.

After going through months of chemo treatment, for things to look so well, the “well” is just all of a sudden taken away.

We often take for granted our good health when we should cherish it. Yes, we have other stuff going on: college, jobs, etc., but each of us should sit back and take a moment to look at how lucky we truly are.

We mourn for those we lose but then, eventually, we move on. Or we try our best. It is good that we do not dwell on the bad and put our own health at further risk, but it is just sad how easily we move on from a lot of things. The ones we lost should still be remembered but once they are out of the media we often toss the topics out of our minds like yesterday’s trash.

We cannot stay sad forever but it pisses me off how people just move on because of the trend. If everyone else moves on, then many others move on too. It is just a repetitive cycle.

No one is completely immune to it. It has happened to each one of us at one point or another. I am definitely guilty of it.

This piece is for those who choose not to move on, though, or at least take longer to reflect on the sad situation or situations. Kudos. You are breaking the cycle.

This is for Gavi. To all of his friends and family that are still in mourning. To all of the fans that are still in mourning. The situation breaks my heart. #WeAreGavi


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