Wilson Sports Fans Will Create Their Own “Fire Pit”

The season is almost here. Which season? The holiday season, Christmas season, FINALS season (aka caffeine, study, and chill season), or cold season? Yes, all of these are approaching quickly, but the one Wilson Athletics is most concerned with right now is BASKETBALL season.

Since the inclusion of men’s sports in the athletic department, men’s and women’s basketball games have been heavily attended, although not as much as the teams would like. In an effort to give the Wilson student body more incentive to come out and support the athletic teams, the new head basketball coach Brian Zoeller proposed an idea to both the Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) that would help to increase student involvement in athletics.

WCGA President Christina Gonzalez confirmed that the government association approved a proposal to fund the purchase of t-shirts for students to wear to games. The t-shirts being designed by Zoeller, instead of being royal Wilson blue, will be red, orange, and yellow but still have the original Wilson moniker. The WCGA wants to provide the basketball team, athletic leaders, and those in the Women with Children program the shirts for free, and thirty additional shirts will also be given out at games. CAB will be funding blue Wilson foam fingers for students to take to athletic events. This gear will be promoted for every game and event.

Lori Frey, Director of the athletics department, explained that the goal is to “create an atmosphere focused on students.” As few students attend basketball games and other sporting events, the goal of providing this fun game wear is to encourage Wilson students to be excited about the sports and foster a close-knit community atmosphere. Brant Swartz, another member of the WCGA, says, “I think students will really enjoy it.”

Gonzalez states, “We want to promote more student activities and be an example.” She also said that if students have any other suggestions for activities, they are welcome to approach the WCGA by emailing her directly (christina.gonzalez@wilson.edu) or emailing the WCGA (wcga@wilson.edu). Students may also attend general assembly meetings to be on Tuesdays (Nov. 10 and Dec. 1) at 11 a.m. in the Warfield auditorium.

The first women’s basketball home game will be Nov. 17, and both men’s and women’s basketball will be


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