Steve-O Brings the Laughs to Harrisburg Comedy Zone

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

When there is a comedy show near a sketchy looking motel that looks like something from “Viva La Bam,” you know you have to be dealing with a Jackass.

Except, well, in this case it was a different one. Instead of Bam Margera, it was Steve-O’s comedy show on Thursday, Oct. 1 that had at least 150 people in attendance for the first show of the night. It was so popular he had to do another show following the first.

Comedian Josh Kuderna, from Baltimore MD, opened for the famous star of the comedic TV/movie series “Jackass” with a short fifteen minute set. Once Steve-O began, everything was out there as one would expect given Steve O’s history. While Kuderna briefly joked about controversial topics, Steve-O did as well and went into a lot of sexual humor along with inappropriate stories related with his TV show “Jackass.”

At one point the comedian mentioned that he was not originally going to do a show in Harrisburg and joked that he needed the money to cover recent damages from a stunt he pulled.

Steve-O kept the laughs going by talking about stunts never seen before on the TV show “Jackass,” as well as joking about all of the ‘relationships’ he has had, to put it in a PG context. Ironically, this particular show took place exactly fifteen years after the premiere of the first episode of “Jackass” on MTV, making it a commemorative occasion.

His set lasted a little over an hour, in which he concluded with a somersault-like stunt while balancing a glass of water on his head, managing not to spill it. He also did his signature trick known as the “double-back.” However, viewer discretion is advised with that one.

Steve-O took the time to meet with every fan afterwards and posted each photo on his website,, which goes to show how humble the comedian still is.

To find out more information on the star or to find out more about his upcoming shows, go to

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