It’s On: Bigs vs Littles

capture the flagJust when you thought all the fun had ended with your Big or Little from Sarah Wilson Week, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) has done it again. This time, CAB is bringing back a game from your summer camp days. Big and Little Capture the Flag is happening Oct. 31 from 1-3 p.m. on the Green outside of Laird Hall. Teams are divided as Seniors and Juniors versus Sophomores and Freshmen. Captains are Lindsay Sutton as the crusader for senior class and Samantha Schlegel as victor for the junior class for Team Big and Team Little co-captains are Kari Lehman who commands the sophomore class and Michael Martin as the champion for the freshmen class. If interested in playing you can sign up outside of the dining hall, just watch for the table! If you miss sign ups you can also show up day of and play. So grab your Big or Little and have some fun this Halloween!


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