10 Things Equestrians Want You to Know

At Wilson, there is a very large population of equestrians and we love our non-horsey friends. We appreciate when you show up to shows and practices, take pictures with our phones, and want to give treats to our best friends. Our horses are everything to us, they are our best friends, confidants, partners, children, and loves of our lives. If you’ve just become friends with a horse person prepare for long drawn out conversations about the one time they flew off or the funny thing their horse did that day. here are some common things that your new equine friend would love if you knew.

1. That is a fly mask. No it doesn’t blind them, it protects them. From flies.

2. That’s a grazing muzzle, they can still eat grass. No it doesn’t mean they bite it means they’re fat.

3. Thank you for warning me my horse may be dead, actually he’s just sunbathing.

4. A pony is a little horse, not all horses are ponies but every pony is a horse. Think squares and rectangles.

5. Yes that cross rail is difficult. I know it’s small to you. But you aren’t riding the 1000 lb animal who’s terrified of the little pumpkin, that he’s seen a thousand times, under the fence.

6. Oh so you ride western now, tell me all about that trail ride you did once when you were ten. Yup, so much more experienced.

7. I promise you will eventually become used to the smell. Wet dog is nothing like wet barn.

8. My horse is my best friend, partner, and baby. You insult them…. “My name is Celia Whitcomb you insult my horse… Prepare to die”

9. No the horse does not do all the work. Actually he would rather eat hay all day and be fat. It takes effort and muscle to encourage a 1000 lb animal into a calm, collected, and steady canter instead of running around the ring with his head in the air attempting to buck me off. There is a reason our calves are huge and we can easily pick you up.

10. Sure you can ride my horse… You just have to sign here…here…and here… and you must pass this 50 page test about everything I have ever told you about him. Just let me warm him up and if he behaves and doesn’t kill me, then…sure.

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