Self Care

The beginning of school is usually fairly stressful, from new classes, dorm rooms, and getting to know new students. Whether the cause this year is the relocation of students from MacDav to Rosenkrans, having larger class sizes, or the drama that comes with students getting to know each other, many students are beginning the year overwhelmed, myself included. This year, between worrying about internships, starting my first teaching lessons, and praying my hall will get along with each other I have already began balding from stress.

Celia Whitcomb Co-editor-in-chief Photo provided by Calia Whitcomb

Celia Whitcomb Co-editor-in-chief

Photo provided by Calia Whitcomb

I have some important tips for students struggling with stress, the first and most important being to breathe. I know this sounds cliché but it is incredibly true.

Walk away and take a few deep breaths to refocus on the task at hand.. This brings me to another tip: break it down and prioritize. Turn your ten page paper into a step by step list of tasks. This may make it seem like you have more to do, but crossing a small item off your list as you go will help you to visualize your progress. My third tip is to get some sleep. A solid seven hours, I know you are probably laughing maniacally, but it is actually possible for a college student. You can actually get sleep it could just mean one less conversation in the dining hall and studying for the test instead of participating in a midnight ghost hunt. Obviously there are some nights where that much sleep is not an option, but you can catch up on sleep later on. So pay attention to how much you sleep, more is better (But do not forget to go to class)!

My final tip is to take time for yourself, even if it is an episode of your favorite TV show or a run for fro-yo, you will feel better and more focused for the rest of your day.

Stress is a natural part of college; in fact college is a time to learn how to manage it. So breathe, make lists, sleep, and take time for yourself!

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