By Shoshana Rudksi and Caitlyn Minelli

Harry Potter

Trapped in a cupboard

Prophesied to save the world

Useless without friends

Hunger Games

Katniss, armed with a bow

Does not want to be involved

Killing kids is fun?


Hunger Games rip off

A strong female warrior

Saves adults from stuff.

City of Bones

Another Y-fic

A boy and girl united

Spoiler: they go out.


Shawn Spencer “sees” all

Cops are suspicious of him

Solved crime does not lie.

Shark Tank

A panel of five

So many bad ideas

Why am I in school?

Once Upon a Time

Evil Queen Mayor

Fairy tales and confusion

She’s not all that bad

Game of Thrones

There are no heroes.

Every main character dies.

Winter is coming.


Arthur is a jerk

Merlin tries to save him (why?)

They are “good” friends

Doctor Who

Strange blue police box

It’s bigger on the inside

Now, Exterminate!

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