Dressage Team at Nationals and Spring Horse Shows

The Wilson College Dressage Team at Penn State end of year show Photo provided by Billie Jones

The Wilson College Dressage Team at Penn State end of year show

Photo provided by Billie Jones

The Dressage Team had a very successful final show on April 11 at Penn State University. Michelle Calka `15 placed fourth in First Level. Captain Billie Jones `16 placed fifth in Upper Training.

In Lower Training, Stephanie Walker ‘16 placed fourth and Emma Miller `17 placed fourth. Celia Whitcomb `17 placed 6th in Introductory. The team received fourth place overall at the end of the show.

The Dressage Team placed fifth overall in Region C at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) year-end award ceremony. Calka `15 placed fifth within Region C and Jones `16 placed first within Upper Training which qualified her to the Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Show. Nationals were held April 25-26 at Otterbein University and Jones placed tenth overall in the nation. ​

The Eventing Team travelled to the Rolex C**** three-day Eventing Competition from April 23-26. Julia Bernanke ’16 said, “Rolex was a fantastic experience. It was a great chance to learn from the top level riders and have the opportunity to apply what I learned to my own riding.​”

The second show of the Spring Horse Show Series was April 19. In Open Showmanship, Olivia Noone `18 and “Zeno” placed first, Mackenzie Leary and “A New York Diamond” placed second, Sharielle Lawrence-Cadet `15 and “Merlin” placed third and Melanie Przybilski `16 and “The Dread Pirate Roberts” placed fourth. Emily Lecker, assistant stable manager and her daughter Sophie Barnes astride Hops and Barley placed first in the costume class as a pirate ship and pirate captain combination.

The final show in the Spring Horse Show Series will be May 9. Students and community riding members are highly encouraged to enter in the final show. This is an excellent time for the students to show improvement and gain show experience in a fun environment. Contact riding@wilson.edu for entry forms and school horse request forms.

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