Academic Awards

The James Applegate Award – Annika Dowd and Ghada Tafesh

Lucy Bremmer Global Citizenship Award – Katelyn Wingerd

The Alice Martin Brumbaugh Award in Sociology – Stacy Hess

The Marel Harlow Cheng Memorial Prize – Christina Gonzalez

CRC Press General Chemistry Achievement Award – Gaser Ahmed

Regina Shaputnic Cuomo Mathematics Award – Jennifer Skinner

Earthwatch Prize – Jessica Larkin

The Wilson College Education Award – Jennifer Isaac and Nathanael Stump

The Estep-Lawson Memorial Prize – Jesse Smith

The Mildred Franklin Prize – Tia Shearer

The Donna Gomer VMT Award – Jena Forsythe

The Davison Greenawalt Grove Award – Jessica Meck

The Dorle Haas Memorial Prize – Taylor Staudt

The Margaret Strode Haines Award – Katelyn Wingerd

The Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award – Caitlyn Minelli

The Josef Michael Kellinger Foreign Language Award – Katelyn Wingerd

The Catherine Herr Langdon Award – Nicole Melanson

The Mary-Eleanor Maule Travel Grant – Netha Kane

The Alta Lindsay McElwain Prize – Haley Hutchinson

The Robert Shannon McElwain Prize – Kristyn T. Fogg

The Helen Adams Nutting History Prize – Nicole Trusky

Organic Chemistry Award – Nicole Bodulow

Outstanding Peer Teacher – Danniele Fulmer

The Nicky Hoffman Reich Award (preference to a VMT student) – Danielle Boock

The Helga Rist Prize – Krista Dewald

The John D. Rose Award in Environmental Studie – Sadie Repp

The William and Ivy Saylor Prize – Darah Wolf

The Grace Tyson Schlichter Award in Communications – Carol Zehosky and Shoshana Rudski

The Gloria Randle Scott-Frances Richards Hesselbein Prize – Sonja Hess

The Mary Beers Sheppard Prize – Jennifer Dodds

 English Honor Society – Ghada Tafesh, Jamie Burnett, Carol Zehosky, Jennifer Dodds, Marybeth Richards, Stephanie Walker

The William P. Van Looy Business Prize – Han Yan

E.Grace White Prize – Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban

E.Grace White Summer Scholarship – Amadea Clement and Ghada Tafesh

The Wilson Equestrienne Award – Marissa Kosko-Blyler

 The Wilson College Fine Arts Prize – Jessika Glass Dockery

The Carolyn Zeleny Prize – Heather Humwood

Senior Faculty Member – Julie Raulli

Junior Faculty Member – Justin Lawrence

Adjunct Faculty Member – Brian Hershey

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