An Interview with Against The Current

On Monday, March 30th, the Pop/Rock group Against The Current rocked Laird Hall and left a lasting impression on those who attended. The group from Poughkeepsie, New York has three members: Chrissy Constanza, lead vocals, Daniel Gow, vocals and guitar, and Will Ferri, drums.

Prior to the show, I sat down to interview the band, asking them anything from relating to their music career to silly questions that could possibly have them reveal something their fans had never heard before.


What was the process like getting signed to [the record label] Fueled by Ramen? Did they approach you or did you need to approach them?

“Yeah, a few labels approached us, and we tried to go around and find the best home and ended up with them,” Dan says.

“We went through a couple meetings and just kept narrowing it down and narrowing it down,” Chrissy adds.

What is something that no one knows about you; as a band or individually?

“Dan’s addicted to gum, 5 Gum,” Will says, and Chrissy was quick to agree.

“Yeah, that’s true. But he’ll never finish a pack of gum. He always leaves like two or three pieces,” she says, and when Dan tries to interrupt, she continues, “You leave two or three pieces in a pack and it’s garbage and leave it on the floor but no one throws it out because they think it’s still a good pack of gum.”

“I guess that’s mine,” Dan hesitantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Will admits that he’s a clean freak while Chrissy admitted to wearing the same pair of socks multiple days in a row.

Favorite part of the music career: recording, filming music videos or performing live?

Dan: “Probably recording, performing live, and then music videos.”

Chrissy: “It depends. It really depends on the day for me.”

Will: “Yeah, probably playing live, recording, and then music videos.”

What would you be doing if not in the band? Any other interests in careers?

“Special effects make-up,” Chrissy says.

“It’d probably be something with computers for me,” Dan states.

“It’d probably still be in the realm of music somehow,” Will admits.

Who in the band is the messiest?

Chrissy is quick to point to Dan. “Christina,” Dan says to her, and everyone laughs.

“Let’s move on, next question,” Will pushes jokingly, “You should get to the next question before we start a fight here.”

Who is the biggest troublemaker?

Chrissy again points at Dan, and this time Will just says, “Next question please,” in the same joking manner.

“He didn’t even try to deny that one,” Chrissy adds.

Biggest complainer?

Dan: “Christina.”

“No, you complain too though,” Chrissy says.

“We should move on to the next one,” Will laughs.

“I’m a big complainer, but you complain a lot too,” Chrissy adds, speaking to Dan.

Describe the person on your left in one word/sentence.

Will (to Dan): Interesting.

Dan (to Chrissy, where she quickly says “Don’t do a mean one!”): Annoying.

Chrissy wears a shocked expression while Will laughs.

But then Dan changes it, “Loud.”

“Thanks,” Chrissy says sarcastically. “For Will: introverted.”

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