Superbowl Recap: Football, Yarn, and Mutts

 After 28 weeks of rigorous training and exciting games, the NFL pro football season came to an end with the Super Bowl XLIV.

The Super Bowl is the pro football championship, and for many people it is a tradition to watch it, even if their teams will not be playing in it. The championship game is not all about the plays on the field. It is also about the fans.

The day after the Super Bowl, and leading up to it, many people come out as fans of the winning team. “Back in the day, no one switched teams,” explained Marquise Shaw, a member of Wilson’s Dinning Hall Staff. “Nowadays, not so much. You should pick a team and stick with them.” Many fans agree with the idea of picking a team and staying with them, win or lose. However many people still watch the game regardless of who is playing. “Normally I just chose a team for the game,” said Tyler Smallcomb ’18.

Many families throw Super Bowl parties and invite friends over. Many fans go to restaurants to watch the game.

Just like there are some hard core football fans, there are some people that could care less about the Super Bowl and would rather watch something else. Lucky for them there are two adorable alternatives: The Puppy Bowl and the Kitty Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is an event on Animal Planet in which puppies play around in a mini-stadium. Not only will viewers see puppies playing around, they will get the chance to see the kitty half time show and cheer up seeing the bunny cheerleaders.

An anonymous student of the class of ’18 stated, “I would much rather watch puppies and kittens run around then guys chasing a football.” Many animal lovers would agree—especially because the purpose of the Puppy/Kitty Bowl is to get these animals into a forever home. All the animals featured on this show come from shelters.

Super Bowl Sunday is the ending to an exciting season of NFL football. Some of the people that watch the game are only watching it because it is a tradition, even if their team didn’t make it to the championship game. Animal lovers have the Puppy/Kitty Bowl, a show dedicated to animals looking for a permanent home.

Whether you like football or animals, Super Bowl Sunday has something for both sport fanatics and animal lovers.

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