Women Phoenix vs Cedar Crest College Basketball Home Game

Thursday, Nov. 6th at 7 p.m., the Lady Phoenix faced off against the Cedar Crest College Ravens in the second scrimage of the season. The crowd was filled with parents, teachers, and students cheering in excitement for the first home game. The Phoenix co-captains this year are Morgan Wonders and Teneira Prioleau. The Phoenix Captains lead the team on court with a quiet confidence.

All the players showed great skill on the court, but need to work on defensive manuevers and on-court communication. Coach Jared Trulear uses music to teach the team how to communicate with each other on the court.

There are no seniors on the team this semester. The main focus this season for the young team is to consistently get better.

The rules have changed, and personal fouls were on the rise in this game due to stricter calls from the referees. Ashley Henderson hit two impressive three pointers during the first half.

Amber Jones, Prioleau and Wonders were the driving lay-up forces on the court with the majority of the points coming from free throws. The first half of the game ended with Cedar Crest leading 46 to 28. The teams were tied with 10 fouls by half time.

The Phoenix came back strong for the second half. Coordination, teamwork and defense improved from the first half.

Jones and Henderson both hit three pointers in the second half on top of many lay-ups and free throws.

Jones powered through the Cedar Crest defense for a layup, then worked in sync to follow up with a turnover back to Wilson for another two points. Tension grew as the final minutes counted down.

The game ended with Cedar Crest winning 68-51.

Trulear has high hopes for his young team.

“We are working on gaining familiarity with one another and playing defensively as a team. We have to remember to play hard no matter what,” said Trulear.

Team practices are focusing largely on defense to prepare for the next game. Anyone interested in joining the women’s basketball team should contact Coach Trulear at jared.trulear@wilson.edu.

The upcoming home game against Cairn University will take place at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16 in the Frank E. Gannett Memorial Field House.

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