The Apocalypse is Coming. Are You Ready?

How you would fare in an emergency situation? This is the question that needs to be answered by ordinary citizens and emergency personnel. The Zombie Apocalypse, hosted by Director of Residence Life, Sherri Sadowski, and the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services, is an event that allows students, faculty, staff, and the emergency workforce to act out and respond to a potential crisis scenario.

During the event, participants that signed up to be victims, alive or dead, are used to help emergency crews run through situations to treat “injuries” and remove victims to a safe location.

While some might think that treatment and safety protocol  is drilled into the minds of Emergency Medical Technicians throughout their careers, it is one thing to remember it in a safe environment and another to deal with stressful situations where anything could happen, including hysterical victims, hazardous environments, and secondary threats. Most emergency situations differ on a case-by-case basis, and  few are textbook case scenarios.

By running simulations, EMTs get hands-on experience without the risk of patient death. With more and more hands-on training and simulations, emergency personnel have time to hone their situational analytical skills and learn how to use equipment properly.

While this is practical training for emergency crews, the Zombie Apocalypse is a learning experience for participating victims as well. Victims will need to know how to survive an onslaught force they cannot control until a rescue team arrives. They will need to know how to set up shelter, access food, water and other resources, treat the wounded, and set up defenses. This simulation teaches the necessary skills to survive a crisis from something as simple as a power outage to more critical situations like natural disasters.

Why bother with the zombie theme instead of a run-of-the-mill building collapse or epidemic? Sherri Sadowski, Director of Residence Life, says that while student emergency awareness is a goal of the program, it is important that participants have fun. Since the event happens on Halloween, zombies are a more appropriate and a more enjoyable adversary, thanks to the American Movie Channel’s television show, “The Walking Dead.”

The Zombie Apocalypse will take place in Laird Hall on Halloween. The campus is encouraged to participate, but if someone does not want to dress up as a victim or zombie they can still watch everything unfold.

Times are not posted on the fliers due to scenario one and two being held at two different times.

For participants who want professional moulage (the application of fake injuries) it is necessary to arrive at Laird Hall at 12 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. regardless of which scenario is chosen. Zombies can provide their own make-up or join in the moulage session with their potential victims.

For more information contact Sherri Sadowski or go to to learn more.

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