HaiKulture: Plot Summary in Seventeen Syllables (9/26/2014)


A dude has trouble

Handling the sudden news that

He was adopted


The Fault in Our Stars

A grenade falls in love

With a virgin with one leg

We are not okay



Be thankful you didn’t

Mistakenly marry mom

And murder dad, too


The Lord of the Rings

A 557 minute walk

And a lot of deaths to

Destroy jewelry


Little Women

The bitchy sister

Is rewarded with the trip

And the hot neighbor


The Metamorphosis

It’s inconvenient

When your son suddenly turns

Into a big bug


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I know your soul and

You’ll soon feel bored and trapped but

Let’s try this again


Fight Club

Two faced soap maker

Flipping through catalogs

And throwing punches


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