Arts Day 2014: SCHEDULE

Arts Day 2014

Wednesday, October 8



Lortz Hall

Ground Floor Gallery
FA 118, Photography 1

Highlights from the midterm portfolios from Photography 1 will be on display outside Lortz 100. These emerging photographers are already producing distinctive, high quality images including camera-less prints called photograms.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dane and Professor Dickson

Room 200
FA 242, Two-Dimensional Design
Students in this highly experimental class exhibit spatial investigations of balance, unity, line, shape & pattern.  Students utilize hand drawn as well as computer generated imagery.

Artists: Alexis Ankro, Kallie Butts, Neena Gurung, Kari Lehman, Donna Werling, and Courtney Yost.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dance, and Professor Lindsey

Bogigian Gallery

Staff and Faculty Art Exhibition

This exhibition opened September 17 and runs through October 17, but today is a perfect day to see the work again, or for the first time. Guest artists include Angella Dagenhart, Amy Ensley, Dr, Raulli, Dr. Michael, and the mysterious Pierre Chardin and Amy G. Dala.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dance

Room 300

FA 114, Drawing 1

Visitors will see works in progress on easels scattered about the studio. Students have had several hours to develop these drawings and as you will see, they have a few hours to go towards resolution. Emphasis with this body of work is on proportion, perspective, value/tone and the ellipse.

Artists: Alexis Ankro, Julia Barra, Kirsten Bilger, Alexis Foor, Shannon Moreno, Olivia Noone, Megan Schaeffer, Selena Strait, Ally Strayer, and Kristine Swartz.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dance, and Professor Lindsey

Room 306
FA 120, Graphic Design 1

Students will share their first digital collage project, centered on the theme of a significant historical event. All images were developed in Adobe PhotoShop.

Artists: Mohammed Alameer, Alexis Ankro, Julia Barra, Breana Cardasso, Justine Commero, Lesley Eichelberger, Alexis Foor, Francesca Giustini, Amanda Haase, Robin Kane, Jenna Kauffman, Rachel Knaub, Jamie Strawbridge, Ally Strayer, Kayla Vickers, Katherine Warwick, and Jamie McKnight.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dance, and Professor Lindsey

Room 308

Faculty Studio

Open studio; drop-in to see a few new works, and trade materials/environment.

Room 306

Department of Fine Arts and Dance Book Blow-Out

We are letting go of a number of ART books that duplicate what we have in our collection. The books have been donated to us over the years by Alumnae and other friends of the program. They include monographs on specific artists, gallery catalogs, instructional guides, and art magazines. The books are free but there will be a donation box to help grow our program.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dance


Art Center Annex (a.k.a. the ART Barn)

Art Barn
FA 216, Printmaking 1

See monotypes (one-of-a-kind prints) from our newest printmakers in the Art Center Annex next to the VMC. Using a variety of techniques the artists have created some very powerful images.

Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts and Dane and Professor Dickson

Making the BIG Print

1:00-5:00 PM

The FA 216 class will be printing a woodcut combining the work of iconic artist Frida Kahlo with the politics of the Guerilla Girls – Masked Avengers of the Art World. First printed in 2008, the giant image celebrates Wilson’s continuing commitment to the arts. The fun starts at 1pm and continues through 5 pm. Be careful: printmaking can be contagious!

Sponsored by Professor Dickson


Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science Math and Technology

Celebrating the Artwork of Frank Netter: Surgeon and Master of Medical Illustration
Dr. Frank H. Netter (1906-1991), was a physician and medical illustrator whose works became standard reference materials in medical school libraries around the world.  Often referred to as “the Norman Rockwell of Medicine”, Dr. Netter was an artist who became a physician and then combined both his passions into one distinguished career. During his lifetime he produced more than 4,000 renderings of human anatomy, physiology and pathology. He illustrated the first open heart surgical operations, the first organ transplants and the first replacements of human joints.
Among his works were “The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations,” 13 volumes covering the anatomy, physiology and pathology of all the systems in the human body. “The Ciba Collection” has been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese and is widely used in medical schools worldwide. More than three million copies have been sold, commonly referred to as his “Sistine Chapel”.
Learn about the life of this accomplished artist and view some of his work on display in the Brooks Complex, First Floor display case through the barrel vault.
From personal collection of Dr. Dana Harriger

Pre-digital Microscopic Imaging: An Appreciation of the Science behind the Resolution
How did we function in the “dark ages” before digital cameras and computer imaging software?  Enjoy the display of vintage microphotographic instruments utilized by scientists in the laboratory and classrooms for not only capturing but projecting images on the big screen.   On display in the Brooks Complex, First Floor display case through the barrel vault.
Sponsored by the Departments of Fine Arts and Physical and Life Sciences

An Undersea Journey: Digital Photography of Linda Erkelens, ’64
Dive into the marine world as captured by Wilson Alum Linda Erkelens, class of 1964.  A world traveled diver, her digital photography captures the beauty of this often “hidden” world.  Her images are alive with color and movement as they pull the viewer into this watery realm.  Enjoy your trip as you view these images as displayed in the Brooks Science Complex gallery spaces: first floor hallways of the Appenzeller Laboratory Wing and the Mezzanine level.
Sponsored by the Office of College Advancement and Department of Physical and Life Sciences


Owens Barn at Fulton Farm, Upper Barn

Lexicon of Sustainability, A Pop Up Art Show
All Day, drop in
From the LoS website:  “Words are the building blocks for new ideas and they come from everywhere.  THE LEXICON OF SUSTAINABILITY™ is based on a simple premise: people will live more sustainably if they understand the most basic terms and principles that will define the next economy.”  Join us to begin the conversation!
Sponsored Chris Mayer and the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living


Warfield Hall

 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Leave a Line of Poetry

First Floor of Warfield

Cherita poetry is perfect for collaboration. Stop by, read a line or two, leave a line or two!!

Sponsored by Angella Dagenhart and the Department of English and Communications


Lenfest Commons

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (come and go as you please)

Forget Me Not Field

Lenfest Commons, outside of Jensen Dining Hall

Participants will work with WIN Staff and Volunteers along with Wilson College Counseling Center staff to create a field of forget-me-not flowers in memory of the lives impacted by domestic violence, and create a reminder that domestic violence affects everyone in our community.  Participants will be invited to create a personalized flower using fingerprint art techniques in order to create an entire field of forget-me-nots.  The forget-me-not flower symbolizes remembrance of domestic violence victims and their families.  The act of creating a flower using finger prints symbolizes how each person can touch the lives of every victim and survivor and how simple acts by each person in our community increases the awareness of domestic violence issues for our society as a whole.

This event is co-sponsored by the Wilson College Counseling Center and Women in Need.


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Paint a John Stewart Memorial Library Carrel

On the grass in front of Lenfest Commons

Leave your mark on one of the original John Stewart Memorial Library study carrels. Come help decorate one of these “antiques” by painting your name, your favorite scene or simply your personal mark on the carrel!

Sponsored by the Office of Institutional Development and Department of Fine Arts and Dance



12:00 – 12:30 PM

Wednesday Worship on ARTS DAY

Alumnae Chapel

The theme is “Seeing Jesus through Other Eyes” and will give us the opportunity to meditate on artistic representations of Jesus from around the world.

Sponsored by the Office of the Chaplain


12:00 – 5:00 PM
Lortz Hall Room 200
Little Artists
The artists of tomorrow will share their work with the community after a little time in the studio. Drop by Lortz 200 to see work by children from the Wilson College Child Care Center.

Sponsored by Lindsay Cook Landis, Wilson College Child Care Center and Department of Fine Arts and Dance


7:00 – 8:00 PM
Capturing Light, Denise Joyal

Allen Auditorium
Denise Joyal will present her research from her Master of Fine Art’s thesis Capturing Light. The work created for her thesis exhibit focused on functional and sculptural stoneware and porcelain forms inspired by Neolithic Irish stone structures. Ms. Joyal developed high-fire porcelain clay bodies and surface treatments that imitate the stark, angular daylight that is characteristic of the Irish landscape. The research process uncovered the true chemical nature of soda-firing, unveiling the secrets to controlling the hues, values and intensity of the clay’s response to sodium vapor glazing.

Denise Joyal’s work has been exhibited nationally, and she has written for the professional journal, Ceramics Monthly. She has taught ceramics at Wilson College in Chambersburg since 2006 and is a ceramic arts instructor at the Frederick Clay Studio.

Ms. Joyal received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Hood College in 2014, earned her Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts from Hood College in 2010, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Washington College in Chestertown, MD.

Sponsored by Denise Joyal and the Department of Fine Arts and Dance


A special thank you to event sponsors:

Lindsay Cook Landis and Wilson College Child Care Center

Counseling Department, Cindy Shoemaker, Director of Counseling, and Women In Need

Angella Dagenhart and the Department of English and Communications

Professor Dickson

FA 114

FA 242

FA 120

Professor Harriger

Professor Joyal

Chris Mayer and the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living

Rosie Magee, Helen Carnell Eden Chaplain

Department of Physical and Life Sciences

Camilla Rawleigh VPIA, Denise McDowell DASS, and the Office of Institutional Development

Emily Stanton, Department of Fine Arts Work Study

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