Arts Day Offers Fun Ways to Express Individualism

ArtsDayArts day comes once a year to Wilson, and tends to bring a fun, playful atmosphere to the campus. Arts Day shows the importance of art in our community. Demonstrations, interactive events and activities and lectures fill the campus on this day.

Each year the fine arts department tries to do something new and fun. This year was no different.

The college donated two carrels that were removed from the John Stewart Memorial Library specifically for Arts Day. Students got the chance to decorate them with any image or design they chose.

Many students participated and put their mark on these metal study desks. The event allowed the campus to freely express themselves on a public space.

Kallie Butts 18’ said, “It was interesting because we got to become a part of history, and we got to leave whatever mark we wanted.”

Professor Phillip Lindsey, Head of Humanities Division, Director of the Bogigian Gallery and Associate Professor of Fine Arts, spoke about the destination of the carrels: “What will happen to these carols, we aren’t sure. Perhaps they could be installed in a storefront downtown. We will do something with these things in the future.”

The prospect of next year’s events and the upcoming plans excites Lindsey. He said that a guest artist will be coming in December to evaluate a harvest site for a sapling sculpture.

“We have a guest artist coming in named Patrick Dougherty,” proclaimed Lindsey. “Community members will have a chance to be hands on for the project.”

Dougherty produces large sculptural works using local saplings as his medium.

Lindsey also noted that next year Arts Day may feature more student-led activities. “We are looking to sponsor more student organized events. Next year we really want an over the tops arts day,” he said. “I think that’s what we missed this year; more student involvement.”

To learn more about Arts Day or for further details on events, please contact Professor Lindsey at

To preview Dougherty’s art, visit

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