On (Almost) One Year at Wilson

Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard's youth correspondent.
Brettney Marshall is the daughter of WWC student Stephanie Marshall and the Billboard’s youth correspondent.

Our first year at Wilson is almost over. It’s been very exciting being here. I’ve enjoyed the fancy dinners and all the dances. The Great Gatsby dinner was my favorite. I loved getting all dressed up and having fun with my friends at the dance. My brother and I even won cutest couple at the Halloween dance! I’ve also enjoyed bingo nights and we’ve had great luck at them.

While we’ve been here, I’ve learned spooky facts about the campus on a haunted tour. We’ve gone on trips to museums in Washington, DC and we’ve gone to Gettysburg many times. We’ve spent lots of time watching for bunnies on campus and feeding the mother ducks while we wait for their eggs to hatch. We helped plant trees on campus recently and had lots of fun at Spring Fling. Mom even let us get new pets. I got a rat from a science student as a reward for good behavior and I won a fish at the masquerade. This semester we started homeschooling. It’s a very fun way to learn and I learn more this way. It has also drawn me closer to mom.

I’ve made some great friends here. Ronda is a nice girl from Georgia who lives across the hall from us. Nevaeh is a sweet girl from Texas who we like to play with. Cheyenne is very artistic and gives us art lessons. Lily and Molly babysit us. Sometimes Lily takes us to watch Molly ride her horse. I’ve even made friends with Obsidian, Maddie, and Brooklyn, a teacher’s dogs. I really love dogs and like to play with them when they’re out for a walk.

Overall, this has been a great first year. I hope everyone has a terrific summer. See you in the Fall!

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