Change to equestrian program brings new leadership

In October Dr. John Tukey stepped down as Director of the Equestrian Department. Tukey served as director for nine years and will continue to serve as a trainer, event organizer, and advisor for the riding teams on campus. Associate Professor Ann O’Shallie will assume the director position. O’Shallie, who came to Wilson 17 years ago, established the Equine therapeutics program.

Tukey left the position for “personal and professional reasons” according to a campus-wide email. He made no comment on his departure as director other than saying, “Ann will bring great success to the program.”

“I was shocked that Dr. Tukey is leaving. It makes me sad,” said Melony Wagner ’16. “But I am excited about O’Shallie bringing something new to the program.”

O’Shallie held an equestrian studies meeting in the Hawthorne Arena shortly after her new appointment to answer questions and concerns from students about the director change. O’Shallie’s new approach to the program is more student involvement for decision-making in the program and the facilities. “I would like to have a council for the equine program, our clubs and teams to continue what we have always done, and to have more hands-on learning,” said O’Shallie.

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