Seminar gets inside mind of former sony executive

On October 16, 2013, Wilson College’s Assistant professor of Accounting, James Hay held an interview-style seminar parodying the “Inside the Actors Studio” format with his guest, Wilson College Board of Trustees member, Edgar H. “Ted” Howells.

The format, an interview in front of an audience, is professional yet familiar towards the audience where everyone is included. Howells’ invaluable advice was received by over forty-five audience members, thirty of which were students. The interview discussed the many ways Wilson College can help prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that present themselves throughout one’s career.

During the interview, Howells explained his career and gave advice to the audience. “It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s what you do after you get knocked down,” said Howells.

Howells’ career includes many job transitions. He encouraged the students who attended the seminar to continue their careers without doubt or discouragement. After the initial interview, questions from the audience were addressed giving insight into the serendipitous ups and downs of his career. Mr. Howells’ professional life presented many challenges, but because of his collegiate experience and having an overarching eminent threat of becoming a soldier in the Vietnam War, he created the foundation of his work ethic and was able to persist in his professions.

The career Mr. Howells presented was very valuable to any student in any major,” said Brooke Steinbach ’16, a veterinary medical technology student.

Appointed by former president Dr. Lorna Edmundson, Mr. Howells is a Pennsylvania native who brings a considerable amount of experience to the board through his career. He was as an officer of the 182nd Airborne in the United States Air Force and served as the chief financial officer for Sony Entertainment Inc. However, Howells’ roots go deeper than his vital role as a trustee at the college. His wife, class of ’68, his wife’s cousin, ’68 and mother, class of ’37 are all Wilson Alumnae.

“I think this is a great undertaking by the Business Economics Department that has the potential to initiate more interest among Wilson students towards those areas of study. It is also a great opportunity for the students pursuing majors in Business Management, Economics and Finance to network with and learn from successful professionals who share knowledge that one could hardly learn in class,” explained Anush Petrosyan ‘14, who is a financial business major at Wilson.

Hay hopes to bring in more speakers and to host additional series in the future for the college. He thinks that these types of events benefit the entire community and are beneficial to all who attend.

“It is for anyone who wants a career between graduation and retirement,” said Hay.

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