ODDS dinked and dorms decked out: Sarah Wilson Week 2013

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Sarah Wilson Week serves as a time for upperclassmen to welcome new students and introduce them to Wilson College traditions.

The week of Sept. 9-13, students participated in various activities such as the Color Ceremony where the senior class presents the freshman class with their banner. On Tuesday, the freshmen met their Sophomore Buddies.

“I enjoyed Sarah Wilson Week. I was more active in it this year than last year so I had a lot more fun. My favorite tradition was rallying the freshmen and singing around campus with them only to spray them with water guns afterwards,” said Sophomore Diana Freedman ‘16.

Another sophomore tradition occurred on Wednesday when sophomores “decorated” the freshman dorms while freshmen were dinked by their “Big Sisters.” Big Sisters are Juniors who adopt little sisters from the freshman class.Sophnight1

“I loved Sarah Wilson week. It really made me feel like part of the school,” said Celia Whitcomb ‘17. “My favorite tradition was being dinked because it made me feel like a part of a big family and a new chapter for the school.”

Throughout the week, the freshmen became acquainted with the age-old tradition of ODDS versus EVENS by reciting traditional chants and songs. They learned what it truly means to be ODD or EVEN, a moniker usually based off students’ intended graduation year.

The class of 2017 has definitely proven an ODD one. Many students were seen adorning various pirate costumes in honor of Pirates Versus Ninjas Day.

The week concluded with the first banner stealing event of the year which started at noon on Thursday and ended at noon on Friday.

Student Ian Fields talked about his Sarah Wilson Week experience. “I liked it. I don’t usually participate in things like that. It was out of my comfort zone.”

The week creates bonds and memories between classes and classmates that span many years after graduation.


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