Bluegrass band rocks Laird

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On Friday, August 30  Many Nights Ahead, a “homegrown progressive bluegrass band”, played at Wilson College. Their unique sound best described as a cross between bluegrass and rock, the audience got a show filled with music played by a group with great stage presence.

Most students who attended got up and danced, getting a real treat when the lead vocalist taught some of our foreign exchange students bluegrass moves during an instrumental piece.

Comprised of six college students, Many Nights Ahead hails from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Although five of them went to high school together, they met their sixth member at college and have performed together for a year and a half. They write and perform much of their own material but also like to do innovative covers of traditional bluegrass bands.

The band’s distinctive sound comes from the way they blend vocals with banjo, guitar, harmonica, upright bass, mandolin and washboard in their performances. The band uses a washboard−a tool traditionally used for hand washing clothes−as a percussion instrument.

As full time college students in a band that plays one or two concerts a week, life can prove hectic. But they agree that their overall goal is to “never stop” and be “committed to whatever happens.”

When asked if they had any advice for students wanting to pursue music, they said, “Find your niche, stay humble, and practice.” Band members also noted that it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to play as much as they do.

Currently, Many Nights Ahead have released one album titled “We Pick Around” and a single “Blackcreek Graveyard.” For more information on the band and how to purchase their music, visit, follow them on twitter @manynightsahead, and like them on Facebook.

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