Art Exhibit at State Museum Increases Visibility and Rewards Students’ Efforts

The art department just might be Wilson’s best kept secret. Assoc. Professor of Fine Arts Philip Lindsey and Assoc. Professor of Fine Arts Robert Dickson are making big things happen for their department.

Both instructors are genuinely enthusiastic about art and bring their A-game when it comes to promoting their students’ work. Their latest effort is an exhibition at the Doshi Gallery at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, located in Harrisburg, Pa.

Faculty and Students Join In Effort

The exhibition will feature work from both professors, as well as the work of two seniors. Amanda Stup ’13 and Lauren Dieffenbach ’13 were chosen by the faculty to submit work for the exhibit titled “Course and Discourse: An Exhibition of Student and Professor Artwork.” The event will showcase entries from seven schools and will be on display for over 30,000 visitors.

“Our goal is to increase the visibility of Wilson,” said Lindsey. “This is a great opportunity for students to exhibit in a real museum and an opportunity for Wilson to be recognized.”

This exhibition is unique in its theme of joining faculty and student work. Dickinson doubts that very many professors in this area are actively creating art. He says, “They are too busy with their day jobs. Both Philip and I are active with projects. I love to share my work. Knowing that I have a voice in art is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Students’ Hard Work Pays Off

Stup and Dieffenbach embrace this opportunity. Both women recognize the value of this experience.

Stup has been enrolled at this institution for twelve years. Her two children grew up with Wilson’s campus as their playground. This exhibition is an achievement that makes her graduation in the spring all the more sweet.

“It is very exciting! Exhibiting at the museum gives the public a chance to see my work. It elevates it above student level and will help to further my career,” said Stup. Her piece is untitled in the exhibit, but stands out with its novel subject matter. “It is a part of a book that I created for an intermediate book class last semester. It is a photograph of collard greens on a mirror. The ability to play with light allows for me to take something common like the greens and make it uncommonly beautiful in a new light,” she explained.

Dieffenbach‘s entered her final painting project for a class she completed with Lindsey last year titled “Spirit.” After showing it in the Bogigian Gallery in Lortz Hall, she received a great response from her family and friends. She describes the soul of her painting as a representation of her own free-spirited self. The colors used to create the work intentionally invoke passion. “I am a passionate person. This is a huge opportunity for me, but also for Wilson to get its creative and artistic side out there. I do not think that the art department gets the recognition that it deserves and this is a chance for that to happen,” said Dieffenbach.

An Invitation to be Part of the Experience

Anyone interested in visiting the exhibit is invited to attend the reception on Fri. May 15, 2013 at the Doshi Gallery at the State Museum of PA. The reception will run from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and transportation is provided. The exhibit will run until May 5, 2013. Contact Lindsey at or Dickson at for details.

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