A Time Set Apart

By Morgan Faith

Did you ever wonder what events or activities you might be missing out on here at campus?

Whether you are a resident or a commuter student, missing out on an event happens. Our friends or roommates might have known about it, but we missed the notification. It might have been posted on the Canvas database page, but we went right ahead to our courses anyways.

Type, scroll, and click! That’s the college and young adult life, right? We have busy lives, y’all!

When I began to tour campuses, I never thought to ask my tour guide of the unique opportunities, events, and clubs that I could get myself involved in on campus. Coming in as transfer, commuter student in my junior year of college, I wasn’t aware of the Bible study that was taking place on Wednesday afternoons.

Until I had seen an announcement on Canvas and had spoken with a professor, I was clueless as to why there was a huge shift in time on Wednesday afternoons.

Being of the Christian faith, I was interested in attending the Bible study eventually. With having a busy schedule and working on finding that balance in life, I haven’t had the time to attend. Though, I was able to take the opportunity and meet the Chaplin.

Derek Wadlington, the official Chaplin of Wilson, has been on campus serving for almost six years. Greeting me with a bright, friendly smile and an out-going personality, Chaplin Wadlington is someone you will want to meet while on campus.

Administering the Bible studies on Wednesday afternoons, Chaplin Wadlington is there to be a resource for those who need spiritual, emotional, or mental assistance. Wadlington shares, “I am here to show support to all. College should be a place to ask questions.”

Between 12:00-12:30, a slot is specifically open for the intentions of the Bible study. If students do not attend the study, they can use the time to their advantage to breathe, relax, work on homework, or catch up with friends.

Back in the day, at Wilson, students were required to attend a chapel service. Now, with the ever-present changes at the college and in the world, students are not required to attend a chapel service. Rather, students have the freedom to choose whether they would like to attend or not.

Wadlington speaks on behalf of the Bible study saying, “we read a passage, talk about it, and find ways that are more nurturing. Someone may interpret a Bible verse or chapter different compared to someone else. We see and look at multiple perspectives.”

During Chaplin Wadlington’s time here at Wilson College, he has had the passion of serving others. He has worked in partnership with “Lend a Hand,” a Presbyterian disaster relief organization called to help those who need their homes rebuilt. Having this opportunity, he has given students an eye-opener experience helping them to regain a sense of empowerment, self-identity, and confidence.

Chaplin Wadlington shares, “In the past years here at Wilson, I have had one or two students come to me after graduation, thanking me, and saying that, ‘I would have never made it through college without you.’”. Experiencing this type of gratefulness, thankfulness, and kindness is huge in our college community. Ultimately though, it leads us to self-reflect as a campus body.

How can we continue to show each other kindness, encouragement, and respect? What will make a positive impact in the lives of other students around us? How can we positively impact the Wilson College campus?

Attending a Bible study on Wednesday afternoons may help you or I feel empowered or inspired. Road trippin’ along with Chaplin Wadlington to North Carolina in restoring homes, can be a huge yet positive eye-opener as well. Regardless of the events or extracurricular activities you choose to get involved in, it will empower a sense of community, togetherness, friendship, and memories that will last a lifetime.

To a great degree, the extra time on Wednesdays may give each student the opportunity needed to find peace, inspiration, or motivation. Simply being, the Bible study could just be a solution for many. Chaplin Wadlington comments on the extra time saying it is truly “a time set apart.”

Now, the question I point back to y’all is: What will you do with that extra time? Will you choose to make it “a time set apart” for your personal well-being?

If you, as a student, are in need of food, Sarah’s Cupboard is located on the bottom floor of Lenfest Commons. Any spiritual, emotional, and mental concerns or questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Chaplin Derek Wadlington. His contact information is listed below.

Email: derek.wadlington@wilson.edu

Phone: 717-264-2062

Office Location: Lenfest 107

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