These are Wicked Times – A review of the Kingdom of the Wicked Trilogy

By Megan VanScoyoc

Kingdom of the Wicked is a New Adult novel that takes place in 19th century Sicily, following the lives of two twin sisters named Emilia and Vittoria. The sisters are streghe: witches hiding in plain sight among the humans.

The sisters were always told stories of the seven princes of Hell, referred to as the Wicked: Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Lust, and Gluttony. These were seven demons who would do anything to wreak havoc on humans and witches. They were instructed to never practice dark magic in fear of being found by the Wicked.

Gradually, witches began to be killed. They were found with their hearts ripped out of their chests, seemingly an omen to the witches from the demons.

As the Wicked grow nearer, Vittoria goes missing. That same night, Emilia discovers Vittoria’s lifeless body with a demon leaning over it.


Blinded by anger and seeking revenge, Emilia searches for those responsible for Vittoria’s death, even if it requires dark magic. She accidentally summons Wrath, one of the powerful demon princes.

Wrath claims to want to help Emilia solve the murders, as he was instructed by his own master to solve them himself, but Emilia is reluctant to trust him.

Kingdom of the Wicked is full of plot, character, and world building, and while it has a slow start, it is a strong base for the trilogy. The characters will encourage readers to become invested in the story and build suspense throughout the rest of the series.

Kingdom of the Cursed resumes immediately after the events of the first book. After selling her soul, Emilia plans to infiltrate the kingdom of the Wicked.

She is whisked away to the underworld and introduced to an unfamiliar environment full of lust, wrath, and other vices. After spending time with the Wicked she quickly learns to trust no one.

Emilia vows to do whatever is necessary to avenge Vittoria, including marrying the king of the demons. She starts by searching for a list of magical objects that act as clues to help solve the murder.

This book focuses on both romance and plot and has a faster pace than the first installment. I found this book more enjoyable since readers can experience the underworld and more of the fantasy elements of the series, and it introduces each of the princes of Hell.



Kingdom of the Feared is the final installment of the series. It focuses on Emilia’s struggle to regain composure after a life-changing discovery.

After an earth-shattering assassination, Emilia and Wrath must solve yet another murder. Emilia searches for a way to prove a suspect’s innocence as Wrath finds loopholes in their newly instated rules.

They must play a game of deception to outsmart the other princes, and to uncover the culprit.

Emilia vows to do everything in her power to solve the murder. She reveals sensitive information about her past that puts her own life at risk.

She is determined to break the curse on the Wicked and claim what is rightfully hers, regardless of who or what stands in her way. She only knows one thing for certain: Do not make any deals with the Devil.

The books are difficult to describe while avoiding spoilers, but this is a must-read! There were many twists and revelations that kept me in suspense, and I’d love to share this series with anyone looking for a New Adult fantasy series to enjoy!

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