Wilson is Home

By Connor Bowers

As homecoming comes and goes it is easy to get lost in the cookouts, sporting events, and the lively atmosphere on campus. However, it is important for us to take a moment to reflect upon our past and the future that lies ahead.

Homecoming is a time to welcome those back who once called Wilson home, and to get excited for what the future holds for current students. I am confident that all current Phoenix will go on to do great things and make a positive impact within a challenging world.

I encourage you to find a mentor in those who once walked this same space. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with those who have the degree that you are currently striving for.

I urge you to try something new this weekend such as participating in the hustle for health 5k, attending the BBQ and Brew, or attending one of the many sporting events. Get outside and enjoy the last of the warm days as we prepare for winter.

Finally, my hope is to see you all come back for future homecomings to discuss the great things you have accomplished. #RiseUp


WCGA President

Connor Bowers

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