Holy Homesick!

By Michaela Oberholzer

Almost all college students who move away from home experience homesickness. In fact, the National Journal of Medicine released an article that found 94% of college students experience homesickness.

These feelings of loneliness and missing home are typically associated with the first time someone moves away from home, and often decrease as social support is built in the new environment. Still, the experience is different for every person.

I spent my first year of college in New Jersey and was only homesick occasionally, but now as a senior who is studying abroad these feelings are intense. Instead of navigating these feelings as a freshman, I have had to adjust as a senior.

Thankfully, none of us are alone in our feelings of missing the comforts of home. Finding ways to cope with homesickness can be difficult, so here is a list of ideas from the university of Wisconsin:

  • Recognize and discuss your homesick feelings with people you trust.
  • Find comfort in your new environment by incorporating comfort items like photos and decorations that help you relax.
  • Limit your visits and calls home as too much contact can intensify feelings of homesickness.
  • Get involved on campus. Meeting people, trying new things, and familiarizing yourself with your new campus increases feelings of belonging

While these tips will not dissolve all your homesick feelings, they may be a good starting point to ease the intensity.  As always, if you need someone to talk to the counseling center is available at the email counseling@wilson.edu or by phone with extension 3235.

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