BSU’s Trip to D.C.

By Ophelia McDonald

Last weekend, Wilson College’s BSU took our annual end-of-year trip to Washington D.C. We visited the MLK monument, which sits across the water from the National Mall. The monument opened on August 22, 2011, to honor Dr. Kings’ legacy and work towards racial equality in America during the Civil Rights Movement. Other monuments in the area included the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

In addition to the historical aspect of the downtown D.C. area, the capital has a lot more to offer. The day weather was amazing, too,  so we were able to indulge in several local restaurants and displays of street art.

There’s a huge difference in culture between small town Chambersburg and Washington D.C. The increase in diversity made the atmosphere welcoming and the sense of community was felt just by passing others as you walked the streets. It’s an experience all should consider whether this city is 5 minutes or 5 hours away from your home. Being exposed to other cultures and ways of life can open you up to opportunities beyond what you thought possible.

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