Wilson College Welcomes Dr. Timothy Russo, Associate Professor and Director of Business Programs

By Kelly Shank

This spring semester Wilson College welcomed a new business professor, Dr. Timothy Russo, to the business department. Prior to Wilson, Dr. Russo was a graduate professor for 15 years at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. Dr. Russo has had a passion for education for his whole career. He served in the Air Force as a navigator, obtained a doctorate in Economics and also worked for the Federal Aviation Administration.

As a student in the Business Department, I sat down with Dr. Russo to talk about his experiences before Wilson and his goals for the future here. Before coming to this college, Dr. Russo was mostly in the government sector for his professional career. He looked at getting out of the government atmosphere and into the civilian sector and found the position opening for Wilson for the director of business programs.

When researching Wilson he found that our college is very unique and has a great personality as a campus. During our conversation, he also commended the efforts of our president Dr. Wesley Fugate for his work in moving Wilson College to the next level. He remarked that President Fugate has made the campus a welcoming and open campus. Dr. Russo remarked also that the campus is moving in the right direction by expanding its programs and the reach of the campus, by recruiting not only regionally but nationally as well.

One thing Dr. Russo says that he admires is the student athlete commitment he notices while on campus. While Wilson is a D3 institution, he sees the dedication that the athletes and the campus community have to their sports teams. Wilson is a small campus, but we have built a strong community here.

Dr. Russo said in the future he hopes to continue building the business program here at Wilson. He enjoys being able to bring his experiences from the professional world into his teaching. He sees Wilson growing and expanding its offerings for its student body over the next several years. While he is still getting used to the undergraduate atmosphere, he is enjoying being a part of the campus community. He is excited to get to know more about the community at Wilson but is also excited to watch his students grow during their time here.

As a graduating senior in the business program, it is exciting to have a dedicated director for the this program, and I am excited to see how it will grow through the direction of Dr. Russo and his colleagues in the business department.

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