Carter: The Starbucks Connoisseur and Friend

By Matthew Wilson

Have you been by the Starbucks on campus lately? If you have, you’ll know about Carter – someone who cares for the students and his creations. Over the summer, the Starbucks was taken in a new direction. Gail, the previous barista, left to live down south and upon hearing about departure, I was very worried about who was going to make my drink. However, my first visit there cleared away any concerns, as I met Carter who was quick to ask me what I wanted. When he gave me my drink, he asked me to validate him (on his drink creation). Well, it was great!

After getting a Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha for the first week or two, I let Carter make me a “Surprise Me”, and he truly created a drink that was out of this world. Till this day, I don’t know what it was, but it was awesome. In celebration of spooky season, Carter has created a drink called the “Oogie Boogie,” a beverage that has dark chocolate bitters and matcha. In my opinion his drink was delicious! Carter even cut out small pumpkins for students who got the drink and placed them the wall in front of Starbucks. His love for the drinks that he makes and his care for the students has made the Starbucks area in the library a central hub on campus, a place where professors and students can meet to hang out or do homework.

Carter’s favorite part of working with students is helping students cope with stress from the coursework and common worries of being a college student. He was excited to be asked to be a barista at the college Starbucks because he has experience from being one in his home state, Massachusetts, as well as in New York and in Maryland. Carter doesn’t only love serving students, he also loves the company he works for. Carter recalled that SAGE was his dream job during his time at the Culinary Institute of America under Chef and mentor Brian Kaywork. Wilson’s favorite barista strives for a safe community in where anyone on campus can feel safe and trusted. In Carter’s own words, he is unique, understanding, and charismatic, which makes him an excellent barista!

Kelsey Young, the Director of Conferences and Special Events on campus, spoke fondly of Carter, saying “Carter is passionate. He takes a lot of pride in his work… Carter loves to be engaging. He has a personality that draws the students.”

I second this. Carter’s touch on the campus’s coffee hub has been impactful and I, for one, can’t wait to see what new drinks he makes. I am so glad to have met Carter because going to get a coffee in the morning is a ritual, and he just makes my morning a lot happier. Carter isn’t just a barista to me, or an employee of SAGE. He is a friend, and I have been very fortunate in getting to know him.

Thank you, Carter, for all you do.

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