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If you are looking for a clothing boutique that keeps up with the trends while also being affordable, look no further than Black and Blush Boutique in downtown Chambersburg. After starting their business on Facebook Lives out of their basements in January of 2019, sisters Cortney Hanks and Brittani Black leaped at the chance to open a physical location in January of 2020.

B&B Decorations  Photo by Hannah Middaugh
B&B Decorations
Photo by Hannah Middaugh

Prior to starting the boutique, Black worked in the health care field and was involved in a direct sales company that was focused on clothing. Having always loved anything to do with fashion, Black stated, “It was a calling I didn’t really know I had. My taste is a little bit different than what this area is used to, and I realized as you went to Target and to Kohls, and all the department stores in the area that we weren’t getting certain fashions we were interested in.”

Black and Hanks agreed that they wished there were more options and boutiques in the area, so they “took the leap and it sky rocketed from there.” When it comes to their clothing, the boutique spans a wide variety of trends. Some of their clothing is aimed toward a younger crowd while others are aimed at people in their 30s and 40s.

Hanks stated, “The one thing that is important to us is that we keep our clothing affordable. We want to be able to appeal to the college student yet also the single mom who can’t afford a lot, too.”

As for their older clientele, Hanks said, “I think the biggest thing is getting them in the door. When they see us on Facebook or Instagram, I think they think we have younger style clothing, but then they get in here and they realize we have a wide variety of stuff they can chose from.”

As for the name Black and Blush, Black stated, “It kind of just fell together.”

Hanks added, “It doesn’t have like a great backstory.”

With her last name being Black, Black said that it was simple and that it could be a color, so it could be a name. She said, “When I was picking a name, I was thinking about how I wanted to brand and how we could incorporate the colors of the store and stuff like that, and ‘blush’ just came with it. It flows and goes with the ‘B and B’.”

Display in Black and Blush  Photo by Hannah Middaugh
Display in Black and Blush
Photo by Hannah Middaugh

As for specials or events, Hanks said, “Our special events are random, but we do everything that Downtown has throughout the year.”

The sisters are on Facebook Live every Monday and Wednesday.

Hanks also mentioned that Black and Blush has an app available on both Apple and Android now. She stated, “With a digital platform, you can really grow. We’ve kind of maxed our space out here, but we’ve been growing on the digital end more so recently.”

Black mentioned, “Promotion wise, too, we are able to offer certain specials or different codes on the app versus the website versus the store.”

Black mentioned that their number one focus for their store is that “everyone that walks in that door feels like family or your friend, and that we can maybe meet you once or twice and know your name next time you come in or know that you’ve shopped with us, and try to just really focus on letting people be known instead of being just another number in the door.”

Hanks added, “We do get a lot of return shoppers. I’ve actually been surprised about how many new shoppers we get all the time. People come in here and say, ‘I didn’t know you were even here!’ But we do get a lot of repeat customers. It allows us to form a relationship with them.”

Display in Black and Blush  Photo by Hannah Middaugh
Display in Black and Blush
Photo by Hannah Middaugh

When it comes to being in downtown Chambersburg, Hanks believes that having well-known shops like REmix Designs and Brussel’s Café helps bring draw people in. She said, “I think being downtown is what draws in some of those walk-in people. It has been helpful having Remix Designs and Brussel’s Café, you know, those really well-known spots, that draw people in.”

Black and Blush Boutique is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays.  Visit the boutique online at and on their app.



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