Wilson Adds Three New Majors 

Beginning in the Fall of 2021 academic calendar year, Wilson will offer three new majors. As announced on October 19, the college reported that there are three bachelor’s degrees that will help expand career pathways for students at the college. These majors are Finance, Criminal Justice, and Sport Management.  

With the announcement and excitement behind the addition of these three new majors, Wilson has already started to recruit students for the Fall of 2021 for other majors, but have also particularly focused on recruiting students for the fall for the new majors as well.  

“It takes a couple of years to gain broader attraction when gaining new majors, but if we have positive enrollment for Fall 2021 with new majors, it will be a good sign,” says William Sommers, who is the Vice President of Enrollment.  

The addition of these majors adds a lot of relevance to what Wilson embodies as a community. One of those commitments being a rigorous education as a focal standpoint, even through the times of a challenging pandemic.  

“It’s wise for institutions to keep doing what they’re doing no matter the pandemic,” Sommers added.  

Though there is an obvious excitement from the Wilson community about the addition of the new majors and about the future of the college, there was a lot of work done behind the scenes to officially help bring these studies in, such as admissions and the marketing and communications office.  

“We work closely with the marketing and communications office to send out postcards to Wilson students for a launch campaign,” Michael Montana said, who is the Senior Director of Admissions. “We focused on different types of marketing strategies to high school students in Maryland and Pennsylvania specifically.”  

The admissions and enrollment team has worked diligently to bring in new students for tours, especially with the addition of the new majors, while also studying different analytics such as geographical locations, to ensure Wilson is reaching a proper success rate.  

“Looking at data is one of our biggest strategies to explore,” Michael added. “We try to be on top of that on a yearly basis.”  

“We have historical data that displays where students come from and we focus on where we get the best results from,” Sommers said.  

When trying to understand why certain majors were chosen and which majors would attract students to Wilson, it was Wilson’s task force that spent the time to do research and look at not only what success students would have at Wilson, but what success students would have with the new majors outside of Wilson, such as job success and credibility.  

“Research done by our task force drove us to decide that these majors would be best,” Sommers mentioned. “It then goes through academic affairs to decide and make the final decisions.”  

The future for Wilson looks bright as both current and incoming students have a lot to look forward to within the education realm. The addition of these majors not only meets the needs of the students and gives them different options, but it also expands the possibility of a professional career pathway that will separate them in the job market in a positive way.  



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