My Post-Quarantine Bucket List

By Moriah Story

Well, we’re all stuck in our homes as we have been for the past few weeks, and most of us are forced to accept the fact that our lives are completely disrupted for the time being. Plans have been cancelled, gatherings are practically forbidden and anything more than a brief walk or a trip to the grocery store is unheard of during these “unprecedented times.” So, while I’ve been stuck inside attending Zoom classes and writing papers, I have taken to daydreaming about the things I’d like to do once the coronavirus is no longer a threat. In no particular order, I give you the top ten things I’m looking forward to after quarantine:

  1. Concerts

Last month, I was supposed to see COIN with one of my best friends. In June, I was supposed to see Harry Styles in concert for the second time in my life. (I know, I’m blessed.) Both shows have been postponed indefinitely, and I know I’m not alone in my disappointment. Hopefully, when this is all over, everyone’s favorite artists will jump back into touring, and we can enjoy live music once again.

  1. Spending time with my friends

Before the virus, I took the small moments with my friends completely for granted. Hugging them, shopping aimlessly, seeing their faces in person and simply knowing that if I so desired, I could go visit them. I’m daydreaming about the day I can text one of my buddies and say, “Hey, wanna hang?” and there will be no social distancing to stop us.

  1. Returning to physical classrooms and campus

I think nearly every college student is bummed about having to leave campus and take classes online. While I appreciate the technology that allows us to continue the semester, nothing compares to face-to-face learning for me. I can’t wait to return to Wilson in the fall, when I can go to my classes and crash in my dorm as life is meant to be.

  1. Yardsales, parades and barbeques

These are just three of the things my family enjoys during the spring and summer, and I have a strong feeling that very few of these activities will be happening this year. Yardsales are a tradition that the Storys uphold every year as we wake early in the mornings on the weekends to beat other people to the bargains. And similarly, we enjoy our local parades and family barbeques as the weather begins to warm. Alas, I’ll have to rely on past memories of these to tide me over until the pandemic subsides.

  1. Shopping and knowing the store will have what I need

There isn’t much to be said about this other than when I need toilet paper or sanitizing wipes, I would like to have access to toilet paper or sanitizing wipes. I’m sure everyone can relate, except those few who have been hoarding the supply. I look forward to the end of empty shelves at the grocery store.

  1. Driving aimlessly

Because of the recent stay at home order, even going for a drive is prohibited unless you have a good cause. Although I’m not much of a confident driver myself, I do miss being a passenger and AUX cord manager. Once quarantine is over, I will be going for a long drive, just because I can.

  1. Eating in restaurants

Eating only drive-thru is just not comparable to eating inside the restaurant. Food through the window gets cold and greasy in the bag and I miss the sense of community that comes with plopping down at a table with my food and a friend. Establishments I will be hitting up after the virus is over are: Panera, Taco Bell, Moe’s and Greencastle’s hub of social activity, Mikie’s. 

  1. Freedom from gloves, masks and constant hand sanitizing

Not that handwashing and hygiene should cease after the pandemic, but I can only sanitize my hands so many times before growing weary of it. I look forward to the day I move about freely without worrying about catching the virus. However, I will miss observing the crazy household item people use as masks because I’ve been getting a good laugh out of that.

  1. Getting to hug my grandparents

A simple gesture that I miss. Because they’re in a higher risk category for coronavirus, I am unable to come into any close contact with my grandparents. I am used to eating lunch with them weekly and I always tackle them with big hugs. I’m sure I’m not the only one who anticipates the next embrace with their loved ones.

  1. Getting away from the same three people and the same rooms

Show me one person who isn’t tired of their house and those who live in it and I will be shocked. I love my family and I love my home, but post-quarantine Moriah will be out and about as much as possible. 

I hope all of you are able to stay positive during this trying time and I encourage you to make your own little list of the good things to come. Stay safe!

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