Exploring Northwood Books


Northwood Books

Northwood Boos is a bookstore in downtown Chambersburg. While Northwood Books may seem small from the outside, the inside is huge! Inside, the store is filled with used books. There are books on every surface, tables, ledges, shelves, and even the floor. The shelves are stuffed with books and some of the piles on the floor come up to hip level. However, the piles do not impede the flow of the store, nor do they get in the way of the shelves.

That being said, all the books are organized by genre like any other bookstore. Every time you think you have explored all the books and rooms, another little corner that you haven’t seen seems to show up. The books range from children to adults, small print to large print, non-fiction to fiction, and more. I could spend hours browsing the shelves of books.

Another one of the great parts about this bookstore is that it is a family-owned business. You know when you are buying these books that you are truly supporting a small business instead of a chain store.

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