Lotus Moon Puts the Hip in Hippie

Lotus Moon, the vivacious, eco-friendly, hippy friendly spot in downtown Chambersburg boasts to their customers about good health as they offer yoga classes in store for everyone regardless of age or shape! The Lotus Moon offers a variety of consumer goods and helps local artists build a foundation for themselves as well as offering a place for the owners to practice and teach yoga in a welcoming studio environment. Classes are offered at varying times through the week by three instructors, including Mike and Lauren Cartey, the founders of Lotus Moon. Sarah Hess is another instructor who tends to focus on mindful breathing classes as well. When interviewed, Mike Cartey was happy to answer any questions I had about the Lotus Moon. Cartey had stated, “The Lotus Moon is rooted in holistic health and focusing of body, soul, and mind. My wife Lauren and I have been through many obstacles, and we have found our happy place in life when we have the time to focus on each other and doing what we love most, which is taking care of ourselves and our community.” Mike and Lauren have been working hard to branch out the business of self-care of the body and mind which is why they started offering paint nights and other creative outlets. Lauren Cartey is a born and raised resident of Chambersburg, PA, an artist, local educator and yoga enthusiast. She began her yoga practice over 20 years ago and met Mike with the common goal of owning their own store and studio. They fell in love on the basis of believing in supporting local artists. When asked, Mike disclosed Lauren’s struggles as she was an emerging artist: “She struggled to understand what she was passionate about and companies like the Foundry, a local business boasting outside artists, helped her get on her feet and start making money off of her work.” Mike and Lauren helped each other come to the understanding that they can support local artists and make a wonderful business in the area. I took a gentle yoga class with Mike Cartey. He met with me before to discuss what the class consists of. Mike stated, “Gentle Yoga is a class structured around rejuvenating and healing the body. The class is designed to be a workout without putting unnecessary strain on the student. We implement modifications and props as necessary to standard yoga poses allows for a safe practice-all while allowing the body to achieve each position comfortably. It is meant to be a good stress relief and remind the student to be kind to their bodies.” After the class with Mike and being with the regulars in the studio I felt welcomed and supported. The environment was positive and uplifting and anyone looking to regain a sense of self appreciation or sense of self devotion should take a class at the Lotus moon. And if yoga does not interest you, you can focus on self-care of the mind through one of their liberating paint nights.

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