Hong Kong Protests Continue

In 1997, Hong Kong went from being a British Colony, to being a part of China. This was an advantage to Hong Kong as they enjoyed freedoms that mainland China did not. More recently some people think that they are being treated unfairly. The people of Hong Kong requested an inquiry about police behavior, and police reportedly became increasingly violent. Their requests have not been fulfilled, resulting in protests.
Police have tried to stop the protests from happening. They have tried unsuccessfully to ban certain symbols of the riots. Due to these protests many people have been permanently injured and some have been killed.

Police Officer
Photo Provided by Flickr

Protestors fight for five main reasons, one of which has already been fulfilled. Those are: for the protests not to be characterized as a “riot,” amnesty for arrested protesters, an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality, implementation of complete universal suffrage, and for the bill that would have allowed for criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China under certain circumstances to be dropped. The bill has already been dropped, so protestors continue to fight for the other four goals.

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