Muhibbah Club Hosts Tye Dye Night

On Thursday, September 26, the Muhibbah Club took over the Wilson After Dark event with a tie-dye night!  This activity presented a fun, creative way for students to unwind in the midst of a stressful period of the academic year.  T-shirts were provided by the Muhibbah club, though some students chose to bring their own items to dye.  Members of the club were available to assist students with their projects and to offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure that everyone ended up with a project they were proud of.  Since many of the attendees did not have any previous experience with tie-dye, they were able to express their creativity and learn along the way.  However, one of the most important parts of the event was the ability to connect with others.  It was an opportunity to connect with friends and meet new people, all while participating in a productive activity.  Each participant left with their own completed tie-dye project, and while many were based on similar templates, they are all unique in their own ways, much like the students here at Wilson.

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