My Friends Are My Family

I was sitting down in my room the other day, getting yelled at via Facebook Messenger to go to dinner by my roommate and a few other friends. After finally convincing myself to get out of my warm bed, I made my way to dinner. When I got there, I was met with smiling faces. Even though I was a bit annoyed that I was forced out of my bed for food that I was not too fond of, I still enjoyed the conversations at dinner. On the way back to my dorm that night, I had a realization. My friends here are my family.
We all honestly take care of each other while we are on campus. We are always making sure the other sleeps or eats something else besides junk food. We are always supportive of each other’s decisions, even if they are terrible. We go out to eat together. We play with each other’s pets. We go on impromptu adventures that take us to pet stores in Maryland. We are always trying to include everyone in our activities.
Honestly, without my friends, I would most likely be locked up in my room all the time binge watching Netflix or Hulu by myself if I was not working on homework or Billboard. They make me leave my hidey-hole on campus to go outside and see the light of day most days. This may be cliché, but they are the second thing on this campus keeping me completely sane

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