Miller and Henderson Play at the Chameleon Club


American singer, songwriter, and rapper, Jake Miller, visited the Chameleon Club in Lancaster on

Jake Miller
Photo By Hannah Middaugh

his WAIT FOR YOU Tour. Miller, who is a native from Florida, started his career in music back in 2011. He released his first album “Us Against Them” November of that year. He was signed to E1 Music till he revealed he signed to Warner Brothers Music a month later. Shortly after his sophomore album release in 2017, Miller revealed that he and Warner Brothers have parted ways. Now, Miller is signed to RED MUSIC/Sony Music. He just released his newest EP, “Based On A True Story,” on March 29. Miller was joined on tour with The Parkers, a band from New York, Just Seconds Apart, a band from Arizona, and former Big Time Rush member, Logan Henderson.
The Parkers were an interesting group. Consisting of siblings Anya Parker-Lentz and Kate Parker-Lentz and their friend Henry Kane, this band classifies themselves as a “hauntingly feel-good electronic pop” group. They started out on a quiet note, creating murmurs through the crowd of confused concert goers. However, after two songs, The Parkers picked up the pace with a song that got the crowd cheering. They performed about four songs and that was the end of their set.

The second group to open, Just Seconds Apart, were just as surprising. Made up of triplets Sela, Ari, and Alex Poulos, these 19-year-olds put on a great show. The crowd loved them. With Sela on the drums, Ari on guitar, and Alex on keyboard and bass, these three make-up a “timeless pop-rock” vibe that mixes well with all of their vocals. Just Seconds Apart played a few of their own songs with a small cover of Post Malone’s song “Better Now.”

Logan Henderson Performing 

Logan Henderson took the stage next. The crowd erupted into screams as he made his way to the stage. Henderson sang a good chunk of his solo music, while the middle school child inside of me just wanted him to sing a Big Time Rush song. Henderson danced all around the stage for each song. He even stopped the show to ask the crowd if anyone was missing anything like prom to go to the show. Someone said her mom’s birthday. He had her take her phone out and start recording while he and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to her mother. Henderson also dedicated his last song, “End of the World” to a girl in the crowd who was having a really rough time. Henderson left the stage with a giant smile on his face.
Miller entered the stage while already singing the lyrics for his first song and most recent single, “NIKES.” The crowd was suddenly a mixture of screams and singing along. Miller sang all six songs off his newest EP with some old songs mixed in. Some of my favorites were “Selfish Girls,” “Rumors,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Collide.” With “Collide,” Miller grabbed a bottle of water near the end of the song and splashed the crowd with water. He admitted that his mother’s favorite song he ever wrote was “Selfish Girls.” Miller also commented, “I appreciate

you all spending your hard earned money on coming to see me, especially you broke college students.” Miller kept the crowd jumping and having a great time throughout the whole set of 20 songs.
Miller made sure everyone was having a good time while also putting on an energetic performance.

While connecting with the crowd of concert-goers with small stories of how important his family is to him and how it means so much to him that people were spending their money to watch him perform, Miller was all smiles as he got the crowd involved with every song.
Interested in more information on Jake Miller? Follow his Twitter and Instagram at @JakeMiller. Find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Miller has a few more shows left on his WAIT FOR YOU Tour this month.


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