Muhhibah Night Celebration at Wilson

Friday, March 1, was the annual Muhibbah Club international background and a blast of cultures from around the world. Appetizers kicked off the night at five p.m., followed by dinner at six. They had a large array of options to choose from, and many people brought their families for the event.

At dinner, there were a few options for drinks, including a drink made with matcha, following a fairly recent trend of matcha everything. They had various dishes from around the world, as well as some plain American food for picky eaters. Tables were spread evenly throughout the dining hall, and people were able to choose where they wanted to sit. After dinner, everyone followed signs to Laird Hall for the Muhibbah Club’s annual talent show. There were only four acts that night, beginning with the Wilson College Choir singing “We Are the World,” performed in 2010 by artists for Haiti. The choir had a few solos throughout and treated the audience to a sing-along for the last repetition of the chorus, really getting them involved with the show.

Once the choir was off stage, a piano performance followed. Both pianists were Korean exchange students, and they performed three pieces total. They each had a solo piece followed by a piece together. One of the pianists also returned later to dance with a friend to several K-Pop songs. Another song was sung by Hong Nguyen ‘18. When the talent portion was finished, they had their yearly fashion show. They showed fashions from Argentina, Australia, Korea, and other countries. They ended the show with another song, celebrating the diversity on Wilson’s campus. While the show was smaller than it had been in years previous, Muhibbah Night was still a sight to behold. Ivy Torres ’21, Secretary of the Muhibbah Club, commented, “At first I was nervous about how everything was going to turn out, but after setting up, and actually starting the night, everything was going surprisingly well. I was extremely proud of everyone who helped put and hope things turn out even better next year!”

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