Travel to the City of Architecture: Chicago

When you hear the word ‘Chicago’, what comes to mind? Chicago the Musical? Chicago University? Chicago pizza? You can think of many thing related to Chicago. Chicago is not only the third biggest city in the US, following New York and Los Angeles, but it is also a famous city of sightseeing for many people; including me. Chicago is famous also because of the beautiful buildings. It is called the “City of Architectural Aesthetics”. In 1871, there was a big fire that damaged much of the city. After this accident, architects from all over the world gathered for disaster recovery. They tried to preserve the unburned buildings at the time of fire to keep Chicago’s classic look before the fire. Through their efforts, Chicago could become the city of architectural aesthetics that it is now.

Like this story, Chicago is a nice city. So, I want to introduce the Chicago for people who want to travel such as travel attractions.

  • Cruise Building Tour: In Chicago, there are a lot of gorgeous buildings. The Cruise Building tour is famous. As in “we can see as much as I know,” because a guide explained the history and meanings for each building in detail on a cruise, you can understand Chicago well.
  • Millennium Park: The park itself is nice, and you can also see Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate.

Tip: If the weather is nice, it is better to take your lunch out and to eat at a bench in the park.

  • John Hancock Center: If you see Chicago from a high place, you can know why Chicago is called the City of Architecture and Plan City.

Tip: You have to see the view at night at this center. The observatory is good too, but you can see the nice night view while you drink a cocktail, beer or beverage at a bar of the 96th floor.

  • Navy Pier: The Navy Pier is at the point where the Chicago River flows in to the Lake Michigan. The scenery is so good! There are amusement park rides, a Ferris Wheel, and restaurants.

Tip: It is better to go there at sunset. Sunset view is so beautiful!

In addition to these spots, there are a lot of places to go such as Lincoln Park Zoo, the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Theater, and the Willis Tower.  Chicago is often called “little and clean New York” because Chicago is big city and there are a lot of wonerful places. Chicago is cleaner and safer than New York. I recommend traveling to Chicago.

Chicago Theater

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