Project Empower Provides Support for Women

Positive Inspiration, photo Courtesy of Olivia Dorsey

Project Empower is a non-profit organization that has been very prevalent in the lives of women, especially the women of Wilson College. This organization uses letters to lift women up in a world that brings them down. These letters are not only distributed here at Wilson but around the world as well. Strong advocate of Project Empower Olivia Dorsey says, “is a social project geared towards empowering and uplifting women in our community and all around the world.”

At the moment, there are 20 women in the United States who write for the project, who eloquently and positively enrich the lives of women who need some encouragement. Furthermore, in accordance with 21st century technology, Project Empower also has an online presence. Dorsey notes that this online presence, “Aims to highlight one woman each day as an inspirational spotlight.” Also, how does this impact Wilson College? Essentially, they hope to open a chapter of the organization here on Wilson’s campus. Until this happens, Project Empower is open to all students, staff, and faculty to submit, request or write letters. Overall, as Dorsey claims “Project Empower hopes to bring a sense of community and to uplift the wonderful women on our campus!”

From this, the organization hopes to enrich and improve the lives of women all around the world, even the smallest change can have a huge impact on the lives of an individual. In response to the negative media surrounding domestic violence and the treatment of women, this project hopes to better the lives of women and make them feel important and loved. Dorsey hopes that Project Empower will have the ability “to uplift and empower just one woman [which will be] well worth the efforts.”

If students wish to get involved with this organization, they are always looking for letter writers. So if you have a creative mind and a willingness to help people in need, then this is the job for you. Anyone can be a letter writer by reaching out on social media. Instagram: @projectempowerwomen or by email Moreover, this fall Project Empower will be hosting some letter writing parties which will be open to the campus.

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Dorsey

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