Parking Wars Take Over Campus

This 2018 Fall semester Wilson accepted a record number of students, and with new students comes new vehicles. However, if there was not any room in previous years for current students to park, how are we supposed to make the space for incoming students? All the buzz around campus is about insufficient parking spaces for the number of students and faculty we currently house, as well as students who commute. It can be a hassle for those who live in buildings with insufficient parking, in regards to students’ punctuality for classes and meetings, ease of access to dormitories, and overall convenience.

Allen Bull ’19 of the men’s volleyball team says, “It is outrageous. I am a senior, and the parking situation has not gotten any better since my freshman year. Upper classmen should have priority parking, and they should at least pave the Creekside lot to fit more cars there.”

Marissa Kuntz ’19 also makes a point that, “If they are going to continue to allow freshman to bring cars on campus, they need to expand parking.”

However, from the incoming freshman perspective, this can all be frustrating as well. Eric Holtz ’22 states that, “It is irritating that I have to park all the way in Rosenkrans lot, even though I live in Mac/Dav, so when the weather conditions are deplorable, it is irritating to have to walk that far.”

Roommates Kimberlee Ahlers ’22 and Nora Hardman ’22 share in this discontentment because they state that they “have to park all the way in Rosie, which can be super dangerous at night because the lots are not well lit, and even if we get to park at the Creekside lot, people don’t park correctly and take up too much room.”

While talking to Campus Safety about the number of tickets they have been handing out recently, one of the security guards did express that it was probably due to the lack of sufficient and convenient parking. Another guard went on to state, “Like anything in a college program, there is always room for improvement.”

However, there is still hope for students’ voices to be heard on this issue! RA Kayla Enck ’21 says, “During a recent meeting, we were informed that the old VMC area will be transformed into a student parking lot, so hopefully that will free up spots for commuters and staff. You can also send in recommendations to the parking committee so your opinions can be heard, but I have faith in the improvement of the parking situation.”

Email the Parking Committee at to voice your opinions and any concerns you have related to parking – availability, space, etiquette, etc.

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