Movies Make Me Happy

From an early age, there has been one thing that has always made me happy; movies. It did not matter if we were watching a movie at home or in the movie theater. I just always enjoy watching movies. It does not matter what the genre is or how long it is. It just matters that I get to step back for about an hour or two from reality.

The first movie I remember seeing in theaters was the first Agent Cody Banks movie. My grandmother grabbed my brother and I and drove us 45 minutes to the closest movie theater. The movie was shown in auditorium two, which we would later find out is supposedly haunted. We each had popcorn, a candy bar, and a small drink. We sat up front, staring up at the large, white screen in front of us. I remember laughing through most of the movie. My brother and I talked about it the whole ride home while my grandmother just smiled.

The second animated Peter Pan movie, Return To Neverland, is the next movie I remember seeing in theaters. I sat in the front row alone this time around while my mom and grandmother sat a few rows back. I remember wishing that Neverland was a real place after watching the movie (still wish it was, to be honest). This movie sparked my slight obsession with the story of Peter Pan . I now officially own all the Peter Pan movies ever made, including the live musical that was performed on ABC a few years ago.

Just the other night, my roommate and I went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. I was blown away by the whole movie. I had to stop myself from bursting into song most of the time. I was so interested in every aspect of the movie that I honestly did not care if I did start singing in the movie theater. (I did not, if you were wondering, but someone else did and I wanted to high-five them.) On the drive back, my roommate and I blasted “Bohemian Rhapsody” and sang as loud as we could to the song. We were so happy to take a well-deserved break to see this movie. It did not disappoint. (However, I am pretty sure the parents who brought the five-year-old regret it now.)

Movies are a great way to step back from reality for a while and enjoy being entertained. Whether it is a Disney movie, a horror movie, a musical, a documentary, or an action/superhero movie, take time to enjoy some of Hollywood’s greatest works.. A lot of effort goes into making a great movie, and the ones that leave you thinking about them, for the next week or even the rest of your life, are the best kind of movies. Escape from reality for a while and watch your favorite movie. Two hours are not going to put you so behind you start drowning.

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