Field of Screams Review

It’s that time of the year again when the leaves start to turn, the air turns cool, and the spooky characters come out to play. Along with these comes the appetite for pumpkin spice, Ugg boots, and the urge for thrill-seeking. For most, we can satisfy these urges with horror movies or something of the like, but others require a more hands-on experience. Haunted attractions are extremely popular across the U.S., and the best one is in Mountville, PA – Field of Screams.

New Attraction: Nocturnal Wasteland

Located about twenty minutes off exit 6B, Field of Screams is a haven for those who seek adventures and adrenaline rushes. As soon as you enter the facility, you notice the haunting atmosphere, smells of fair food, and people dressed in full costume interacting with and attempting to scare the guests. There are four main attractions including the haunted hayride, and the cast gets incredibly involved with the guests, so it is super exciting.


My personal favorite attraction was “Nocturnal Wasteland,” which is their newest addition. It is one of the outdoor attractions and is themed as if a nuclear power plant had exploded in the woods, so it is eerily cool. Also, besides the main attractions there are escape games that you and your group can play, a giant photo booth, a gift shop with about anything you can imagine, and tons of food.

I would without a doubt recommend those who have not been, to go at least once this spooky season. But those who have already been should check it out again, and bring people who have not, just to see the looks on their faces! It was certainly worth the trip up there, and it is not too far away from Wilson, so you are able to go there and drive back in the same night!

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